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From Russia with love

The best thing for cold feet, get a pair of these fantastic folkie Russian socks. Not only are they beautifully made but for me it is the only way to get my feet warm apart from putting them against the love of my life’s body. Since you will not always be able to do the latter a pair of these socks will do the trick. My dear Russian friend introduced them to me and ever since I get a new pair for Christmas every year with love from Russia.

Russian socks

Russian socks

We all benefit

Young talent and old talent come together in this heartwarming project. Granny’s Finest, young designers and old crafters find eachother. The knife cuts both ways and so we all benefit.

Would you not love to have one of these?

Granny's Finest

Granny’s Finest

Slow living with Kinfolk

Do we really want to live the slow life? Is that really what all of us see as the ultimate way? Could we really make time to bake a bread with our own hands, sipping tea and reading a book while you are waiting for the dough to rise?

Favourite chair

It is a lifetime investment, and think of a good book, cup of tea (or glass of wine), cozy blanket, what can I say……
See for yourself how this beautiful Palermo butterfly chair is made