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NY accent

I have always been a great fan of Woody Allen films, i think one of my favourites is Manhattan Murder Mystery, the Brooklyn accent is fantastic. All the boroughs have there own way of speaking. See this nice documentary which will enlighten you on the subject.
Now I think I need a cup of CAWFEE.

Neruda, poetry in motion

A new film will be released called “Neruda” by director Pablo Larrain. I first came to know about the Chilean Poet, Pablo Neruda, through one of my all time favourite films “Il Postino” with a heartbreaking role of Massimo Troisi (who died 24 hours after the film was finished) and the beautiful music composed by Luis Enríquez Bacalov. Some years after seeing the film I visited the island of Procida, near Naples, and on a little tour round the island we went to the Marina di Corricella and the guide told us very proudly that here part of the film Il Postino was shot. I could not believe my luck and will never forget it.

Pablo Neruda

Il Postino

Film Festival Begur 2016

There is a lot going on here in Catalunya, there is always an exhibition, concert, festival you name it. Upcoming event in October is the Film Festival of Begur, a lovely place not far from where we live. The poster is amazing, showing Elizabeth Taylor as a beautiful young star posing on the hills of Begur.