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Musea de la Pesca

The Musea de la Pesca in Palamos is not only a museum but also organises loads of workshops and exhibitons for young and old. There is amongst others a culinary workshop, a demonstration and (more important) tasting of the traditional fishermen’s recipes. I have been wanting to do this for some time but did not get to it yet. However when I opened the birthday cards I found again an original gift this time from Petruschka, Marcel and my 3 darling nephews. Consequence is that I have to cook for them when to come to visit us. I have good hopes that after this workshop I will be able to impress my dear family food critics.

Pa i Raim

Pa i Raim (Bread and Grapes) is the name of a lovely restaurant in Palafrugell. They are situated in what used to be the ancenstral home of the famous Emporda writer Josep Pla. It is an absolute delightfull place and an unforgettable experience. Everything is cooked fresh and will bring you in the so called seventh heaven. We choose the ‘menu to share’ very tasteful and very well balanced. It is obviously made by people who love food, their culinary culture and love to spoil their guests. If ever you are in Palafrugell you know where to go.

El Romero

El Romero has two definitions, the first one is: Rosemary (the one in our garden is in bloom with lovely purple flowers) and the second one is: Pilgrim.

Let us stick to the first definition the other one will follow in another post at a later stage. 
The best way to eat crunchy oven potatoes is to scatter them with rosemary. The combination is delicious.
As the Spanish say: ‘buen provecho’.

El Romero - Rosemary

El Romero – Rosemary

New tastes

If ever you are in Catalunya give these two desserts a try, don’t stay on the safe path of Crema Catalana (which is always delicious I know) but sometimes you need to try something new. Buen provecho.

Strawberry Soup (Sopa de Maduixes)

strawberry soup

Fresh goat’s cheese (Recuit de Cabra)

Recuit de Cabra

Pahissa de Mas Pou, an unexpected surprise

Sometimes you end up somewhere unintentionally and it turns out to be the nicest surprise. It happened to us last weekend when the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed. We turned the car a bit further down the road and suddenly saw a sign of another restaurant with the intriguing name PAHISSA DE MAS POU and we decided to just follow the road through the fields. We parked the car and although the restaurant did not look very busy we decided to give it a go.

The welcome was very pleasant, the ambiance perfect for a nice dinner. We choose the seasonal menu for October which was called El Menu Del FOIE and it was delicious. Every course was paired with a delicious wine, all very well balanced and beautifully presented. We had a fantastic evening due to an enthousiastic team of professionals who really know how to treat their customers. Estupendo, we will surely go back.

Pahissa de Mas Pou

Interior Pahissa de Mas Pou

Barcelona, El Sortidor de Filomena Pages

To learn Spanish I try also to watch a few Spanish TV programs, one of my favourites is called Espana Directo, informative items from all over Spain. Yesterday for instance there was an item about Bacalao, one of Spain’s most favourite dishes, the food market in Madrid and they went to one of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona named, El Sortidor de Filomena Pages. Only the name makes you want to go there as fast as you can. The decor of the restaurant has never changed and the chef serves typical cuisine of Barcelona. Can not wait to go.

El Sortidor de Filomena Pages