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Grand Harbour Valletta

It is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen, The Grand Harbour of Valletta.

Today it is the backdrop for the Rolex Middle Sea Race which is a spectular happening. Starting from the majestic Grand Harbour, the boats will sail to Sicily and back which is approximately 606 nautical miles. The Course Record, established by “Rambler” in 2007, is 1day, 23hours, 55mins 3secs.

Fair winds and following seas!

Grand Harbour Valletta

Grand Harbour Valletta

Island life

Island life

Our island is an island of great beauty. You do not have to travel far, you will find beauty on your doorstep. The Mediterranean glistens in the sunshine and the sea air gives us a feeling of total freedom and lightness.

A ferry that brings you to Valletta on your way to work is the best start of the day and you can take it from me, who is doing this for several years now, it still gives me goosebumps. If you are lucky you might even spot dolphins in the harbour.

To get away you just book a hotel on the island for a few days and explore, you will be surprised what to find. Get inspired, enjoy, relax and take it all in with fresh eyes. Look at this picture taken at Paradise Bay, don’t you agree it has every right to be named Paradise?


End of march but it looks like summer has arrived already. Spring is best, the air is still fresh, not too much people, birds, butterflies, flowers in bloom, look at these figs! We almost did not have any rain but nature finds its ways.

figtree malta

Visit a local museum, run by volunteers, admire the relics, stories and photos that have been lovingly displayed. I particularly love the photo of the Sicilian Fishermen that came to Malta to explain the locals how to catch tuna. Ropes, anchors, pieces of pottery from the bottom of the sea, all kind of interesting things that you would not imagine to find in the old coastal fortification dated back to 1716.

Sicilian tuna fishermen

Take the ferry to Gozo at sundown and see the beauty of Mgarr harbour. Find a local restaurant and enjoy, what to think of Maltese Sausage in puff pastry or cuttle fish stuffed with shrimp and ricotta washed away with a full bodied Maltese Syrah to be followed by a homemade chocolate mousse or lemon sorbet. Pure honest food made by a proud chef. PROSIT!

island life