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Traje de gitana

It is almost spring time which in Spain means 2 things, Semana Santa and the ferias. Now for that it is imperative that you have the perfect outfit. Have a look at these beautiful designs with a slightly more modern touch. When we were in Seville I just picked one up for a closer look and it surprised me how much they weigh. My love for flamenco started when my grandmother brought me a flamenco doll (as the one you can see on the photo below) from her holiday to Mallorca. My grandmother was one of the first tourists to go to Mallorca and she instantly loved it, she looked Spanish, she could have been Spanish, black hair and eyes, red lipstick and nailpolish and a lot of temperament. I only wished we could have spent more time together. Her name was Carolina and Mallorca was her real home and that is where she blew out her last breath.

Wild boar

At last we saw one! A wild boar, or as they call them here in Catalunya: jabalíes. We heard so many stories and on our daily walks we see their hoofprints but never spotted one until last night when we drove home, one crossed the road just in front of our car. Apparently they are a real plague and as their numbers keep growing every year the government is permitting hunters to shoot them. They cause a lot of damage to vineyards, agriculture, parks, gardens and they have become fearless on their way to find food. They have even been spotted going to the beach in summer with the whole family and the neighbours of our local vineyard found a few cooling down in their children’s inflatable pool in the backyard. They look cute but be ware!

Catch of the day

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Catalunya and we just came back from a walk on the beach. Sunday bliss, 20 degrees, sunny, fresh sea air, some surfers out on their boards trying to ride the waves, what more do you want.

Here is my catch of the day: driftwood, shells, stones and a cute blinker.

Happy Sunday!

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

Catalunyan still life

Catalunyan still life

Beach bliss

Beach bliss

Wine etiquette

Every time I pass the huge winesection in our neighbourhood supermarket these Matsu (japanese for ‘wait’) wine etiquettes work like a magnet to me. The portraits are so well selected and of course what is inside the bottle is more important but to stand out in the enormous range of spanish wines is important as well. After finishing the bottles it will be difficult to throw them away because they are so nice to look at, maybe I will put a candle in them and hold on to them.


Cap Sa Sal, paradise on your doorstep

Last sunday we were just going for a drive and found this beautiful place. Breathtaking views from the terras of a tastefully designed vintage hotel.



room santraphael

Hidden gem

After a nice coffee we followed the path down to the sea and ended up in the next incredibly romantic place, the hostal Sa Rascassa. What a gem and the perfect hide away.



Moved to Catalunya

From a tiny island to the overwhelming nature and beauty of Catalunya is a breathtaking experience.
Our life has changed immensly from a highly densed environment to the quiet and peaceful life on what used to be a wine mountain.

In our garden we have a vine which has an abundance produce of dark purple grapes and we are surrounded by pine trees which fill the air with their lovely scent.

Butterflies, all kind of birds, sounds from the forest and the incredibly beautiful Costa Brava on our doorstep.