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How lucky we are to be able to drive to the Pyrenees within 2 hours from our house. I was told that especially Vall de Nuria should be such a beautiful place. So every day we are looking at the snow mountains in the distance and yesterday we thought why don’t we just go. So we packed some things for the night and we set off.

The way to the Pyrenees is just beautiful, you see the mountains coming closer and closer, I felt like a Japanese tourist shooting every detail. We wanted to see the snow before it was too late since it is already the beginning of April and we did it, we found it. We drove to the skislopes of La Molina and were so happy. Of course we made selfies with all that beautiful snow behind us. We stayed the night in a nice hotel in Ribes de Freser where the river Freser with its icecold mountain water runs through the village. The dinner in the hotel was perfect and we slept with the sound of the river and seeing the moon and the stars through the roof window.

The next morning we decided to go and visit Vall de Nuria. After a full breakfast and a picknick to take with us we said goodbye and followed the river upstream. Along the road you can see the railway that goes up to Vall de Nuria. In fact we found out that it is the only way to get there so we parked the car at the lovely village of Queralbs and boarded the train. Vall de Nuria sits above one of the highest points of the Ribes Valley and it’s surrounded by peaks of almost 3,000 metres from which flow a multitude of water sources and torrents.

The train journey is amazing and when we stepped off we felt like we were on top of the world, what a magnificent place. There is a chairlift (I did it although I have vertigo but hallelujah it went just fine) which will bring you even higher up. Nature at its best and we were so lucky to be there and have an unforgettable picknick on top of the world.

Vall de Nuria overview

Vall de Nuria Chairlift

Vall de Nuria train