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La Vie de Rose - Living the sun

Little diva

How cute this little diva (her name is Rose:-)) looks in her new winter coat. Isn’t she just adorable, I see a great future for her on the catwalk. It is all about style, you either have it or you don’t.



La Macanita

Catch them young, as the saying goes. La Macanita, her real name is Tomasa Guerrero Carrasco born in 1969 in the lovely town of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, was only four years old when she appeared singing and dancing in a well known spanish tv flamenco show. She was destined to become the great flamenco star she is now. Her voice has such power and is so pure, it always gives me the ‘escalofrios’ (goosebumps).

One of photographer Juan Carlos Toro‘s dreams was to cover the walls of antique buildings of the city of Jerez de La Frontera with photo’s of great flamenco stars. La Macanita was covered on the walls of the antique Tabanco El Duque.

La Macanita

La Macanita

La Macanita 4 years old

La Macanita 4 years old

The twist with Alicia

Gives a whole new dimesion to an old dance. Alicia Vikander is pretty, down to earth a trained dancer and great actrice. Looking forward to seeing her in the new film ‘The light between oceans‘ where she and her love Michael Fassbender are starring together.

NY accent

I have always been a great fan of Woody Allen films, i think one of my favourites is Manhattan Murder Mystery, the Brooklyn accent is fantastic. All the boroughs have there own way of speaking. See this nice documentary which will enlighten you on the subject.
Now I think I need a cup of CAWFEE.

El Romero

El Romero has two definitions, the first one is: Rosemary (the one in our garden is in bloom with lovely purple flowers) and the second one is: Pilgrim.

Let us stick to the first definition the other one will follow in another post at a later stage. 
The best way to eat crunchy oven potatoes is to scatter them with rosemary. The combination is delicious.
As the Spanish say: ‘buen provecho’.

El Romero - Rosemary

El Romero – Rosemary


These chokers will make a simple outfit shine. So simple and yet so effective. Here are a few i picked out …




We all benefit

Young talent and old talent come together in this heartwarming project. Granny’s Finest, young designers and old crafters find eachother. The knife cuts both ways and so we all benefit.

Would you not love to have one of these?

Granny's Finest

Granny’s Finest

The Goldfinch

Looking out of my window and seeing this beautiful little bird. Since it is our first year here in Catalunya we are to discover things as they come. Quickly wrote down the colors, googled a bit and found out that my little friend is called a goldfinch (in my language: Het Puttertje).

Coincidentally being the title of Donna Tartt’s third novel ‘The Goldfinch’ which coincidentally is all about a Dutch painting ‘Het Puttertje’ by Carel Fabritius and taking the story partly to my hometown Amsterdam. I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the 771 pages but I am one of the few being disappointed maybe because i was so impressed by Donna Tartt’s first two novels, ‘The Secret History’ and ‘The Little Friend’.

Bildungsroman, Dickensian, literature, Pullitzer Price it may all well be but I am just a reader and I felt disappointed.

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

Slow living with Kinfolk

Do we really want to live the slow life? Is that really what all of us see as the ultimate way? Could we really make time to bake a bread with our own hands, sipping tea and reading a book while you are waiting for the dough to rise?


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