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La Vie de Rose - Living the sun

Fascinating yogi

I have seen this video already many times but it keeps fascinating me how a person can be so in control of his body. Briohny Smyth tells us on her website how after years of suffering she found yoga and it changed her life completely.

Renoir – Intimacy

Not to be missed the upcoming exhibiton Renoir: Intimacy – from 18 October 2016 to 22 January 2017 in El Museo de Arte Thyssen in Madrid comprising more than 70 works by the artist, loaned from museums and collections world-wide, explaining to us the way Renoir used his talent to illustrate intimacy.
If you can not make it to Madrid not to worry the exhibition will subsequently be shown at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao from 7 February to 15 May 2017.

La Promenade Renoir

Spanish guitar

Last summer in the little church of Pals we were blown away by a guitar concert from Duo del Mar. The combination of these two beautiful ladies, Marta Robles and Ekaterina Záytseva, playing the guitar in the wonderful serene church was an unforgettable experience.

Marta Robles is also part of the band Las Migas who are releasing their new single ‘Calma’ in November. Enjoy…

New tastes

If ever you are in Catalunya give these two desserts a try, don’t stay on the safe path of Crema Catalana (which is always delicious I know) but sometimes you need to try something new. Buen provecho.

Strawberry Soup (Sopa de Maduixes)

strawberry soup

Fresh goat’s cheese (Recuit de Cabra)

Recuit de Cabra

Yoga nidra

Having trouble sleeping lately so to keep the eyes open during the day i do a one hour yoga nidra session which is equivalent to three hours sleep. Sharon’s voice brings me in a yogic sleep in no time.

This picture is telling me to do one right now.

On a bed of roses

Favourite chair

It is a lifetime investment, and think of a good book, cup of tea (or glass of wine), cozy blanket, what can I say……
See for yourself how this beautiful Palermo butterfly chair is made


Wine etiquette

Every time I pass the huge winesection in our neighbourhood supermarket these Matsu (japanese for ‘wait’) wine etiquettes work like a magnet to me. The portraits are so well selected and of course what is inside the bottle is more important but to stand out in the enormous range of spanish wines is important as well. After finishing the bottles it will be difficult to throw them away because they are so nice to look at, maybe I will put a candle in them and hold on to them.



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