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It is almost spring time which in Spain means 2 things, Semana Santa and the ferias. Now for that it is imperative that you have the perfect outfit. Have a look at these beautiful designs with a slightly more modern touch. When we were in Seville I just picked one up for a closer look and it surprised me how much they weigh. My love for flamenco started when my grandmother brought me a flamenco doll (as the one you can see on the photo below) from her holiday to Mallorca. My grandmother was one of the first tourists to go to Mallorca and she instantly loved it, she looked Spanish, she could have been Spanish, black hair and eyes, red lipstick and nailpolish and a lot of temperament. I only wished we could have spent more time together. Her name was Carolina and Mallorca was her real home and that is where she blew out her last breath.